Are you planning to sell your property and list it on the real estate market? You may need some extra help in order to ensure you are doing things the right way and ensuring a quick and successful sale for the best price possible. In order to provide you with this help, today we introduce you to some really useful tips and ideas on what to do when you are selling your property.

Get Your Finances In Order

The first thing you need to consider before you even decide to sell your property is figuring out if you can actually afford to sell it and move out. In case you are still within your existing mortgage term, you need to check and understand if you will need to deal with early repayment charges and any additional fees for breaking the deal – this process is known as porting. In case your plans involve moving into a more expensive property, you also need to check how much you will be able to borrow and if it will be enough for you to do all that. Research thoroughly and find out which lender can offer the best deal depending on what you are looking for. The costs of selling a house are not something you want to underestimate – find out if they, combined with the costs of moving into a new home, will all fit into your budget. At this stage, you can benefit a lot from the expert advice of an independent mortgage broker.

Make Your Home Looks Its Best

In order to make sure you will be able to sell your property quickly and for the best possible price, you want to enhance the advantages of your home and make it looks its best for the potential buyers. Make sure your property is ready for valuations and viewings and not a total mess. Of course, the basic thing you need to do is maintain your home clean, tidy and decluttered at all times. Keeping your home free of clutter as much as possible is very important as this will help prospective buyers imagine their future home and how they will decorate it with their own things instead of feeling like they are visiting your home. The property should look good from the inside and also the outside, so take care of all outdoor areas – mow the lawn, pull out weeds, take care of your garden, clean the windows, repair broken doors, gates, and fences. In case the property is not in its best shape, you can also consider investing in a few home improvement projects. Make sure to do so as the money you are investing will definitely pay off – you will be able to ask for a higher price.

Get Your Property Professionally Valued

Since it is so important to set the right asking price for the property and nothing too high or too low, you need to consider and understand the real value of the house or flat. With the right asking price, you will be able to avoid putting prospective buyers off. In order to understand the realistic value of your home, make sure to ask for the professional help of an agent. Invite an independent estate agent to value your property and make sure you are choosing a professional with experience and reliability, someone with a proven track record of selling properties similar to your own and properties in your area. Do not forget to make your own research too. Research the market, focus on the area where your property is located and similar types of properties – what is the pricing set for them?

Set the Asking Price

This is one of the most crucial and important moments in the whole process of selling your property – setting the right asking price. As we have already mentioned, it is important to set the right pricing and nothing too low or too high as this will put prospective buyers off. You can get advice from an estate agent about the asking price, however, at the end of the day, the decision and the responsibility is entirely yours. If you are already familiar with the asking prices of properties similar to yours and in the same area, you will definitely have more confidence about deciding on the right asking price. However, if you are not familiar with or there are big differences in the estate market that you have noticed, things will definitely be a bit challenging. In general, the easiest way to decide on the right asking price is to consider aspects such as the average valuation you have received and recent selling prices of properties similar to yours.

Prepare Marketing Materials

If you work with a professional estate agent and even if you are not, you want your property to be photographed by a professional photographer. Prepare your home for the photoshoot by making sure it is absolutely clean and decluttered as it needs to look its best on the marketing materials and online listings. Some details that play a big role and you should not forget about include checking if all toilet seats are closed, making sure the bedsheets a smooth and even, all cushions are plumped, removing all travel souvenirs and personal items that may have sentimental value to you, but definitely not to potential customers, keep the decorative elements to the minimum. You also need to have the floorplan arranged to be created and write a description for the online listings. This is usually done by the estate agent if you work with one.