A O Property Buyers

AO Property Buyers are a network of experienced property personnel who conform to our stringent company's ethics and standards. There are times when selling a property for cash is neither preferable nor possible. This is particularly the case when a property has little or no equity in it. If a seller needs to stop paying the mortgage and move on without selling the property at below its full market value. Let's presume you have a property that you need to sell very quickly. If you sell through an estate agent in the current market, it is extremely unpredictable and the over-supply of properties in estate agents' books means your property could be on the market for nine to twelve months without being sold.

In the meantime, you would be advised by the agent to keep reducing the price to create interest. If your property doesn't have enough equity, there's only so much you can reduce with the price. Selling to a cash buyer normally requires a discount of a minimum of 25% in the current market.