Waterstone Property Letting & Estates

They need to know that they don't have to worry about anything and we believe we can offer that peace of mind Landlords and clients selling are looking for. We are a great team who have worked together in the past but wanted to develop a more approachable friendly company. We pride ourselves on the fact that we care about our Clients. When we started this company we set out to make sure that our values are of the utmost importance and our Clients appreciate the work we put in to attain this.

We give the best service we possibly can by going that extra mile to achieve what is expected from our Clients. The most important attribute is communication. We will always keep in contact with our clients regarding any issues and will answer all questions raised. Plus any maintenance issues on the letting side of our business will be dealt with quickly as we have a team of professional tradesman at our service unless the landlord wishes to use his own team.